Build a Well for Arvina...

...and give HOPE to an entire village

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...and give HOPE to an entire village

This World Water Day, Let's Do Something Amazing

Arvina is a fourth grader living in Rajasthan, an arid Indian region bordering the Thar Desert. She is a helpful and responsible girl who cares deeply for her family, especially her younger brother and her elderly relatives. Among her responsibilities are cooking, cleaning, and collecting water from the open well more than a mile from her home. Some days, she walks to this well two or three times to collect enough water to provide for her family.

When they are very lucky, Arvina's family purchases water from a truck, which fills a cistern near her home. This makes her life easier, and allows her some time to go to school, but it is very expensive - filling the cistern costs four days' wages.

This World Water Day, we want to do something amazing - we want to build a well for Arvina's village. Please help us give clean, life-bringing water to thousands of people who have been desperately waiting for hope.


Fresh Water Friends is a public charity that provides funds to install clean water wells for impoverished communities in India, Uganda, Malawi and other parts of the world, so that they may achieve a greater level of self-sustainability and productivity.

In villages with clean aquifers near the ground surface (<250 feet deep), we install manual wells that are completely independent of power infrastructure. Each of these wells provides water for 500+ people every day, 24 hours a day.

In communities where clean water is deep underground, we sometimes have to drill more than 700 feet! Because a manual well pump can only pull water from up to 250 feet deep, electric pump wells are the only option for these villages with deep aquifers. These wells are connected to the power grid and supplied with a storage tank and plumbing, so people have access to water even if the power goes out. An electric well provides water for 1,000-1,500 people every day.


Contributions to this campaign will be committed to well-building projects, and up to 10% of donated funds may be used for administering the gift. If donations given to this campaign exceed what is necessary to provide a well for Arvina's village, funds will be used to build wells in villages with similar needs.